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Multiple Effect Evaporator

We have come to the right site if you are seeking for a manufacturer of industrial Multiple Effect Evaporators. We are a well-known supplier of industrial multiple effect evaporators in Gujarat, India, and we provide our extensive selection of (MEE) multiple effect evaporators for a variety of industries, including those in the food and dairy, pharmaceutical, textile, agrochemical, automotive, dyeing, herbal, pulp and paper, liquid and chemical, and other fields.

Multiple Effect Evaporator (MEE)

Multiple Effects Evaporators are equipment that effectively use steam heat to evaporate water. In a multiple-effect evaporator, water is heated in a series of vessels, each maintained at a lower pressure than the one before it. By removing the purified water from the solution and applying heat, evaporation is a method for concentrating a solution.

The evaporation plant's energy consumption heavily influences operating costs. By using intelligent thermal designs in the evaporation plant, the energy consumption of the system may be adjusted to match the needs of each unique customer. By combining the following unit operations, our engineers constantly explore all avenues for energy conservation. Sensible heat from the condensate is frequently used in the design of multiple effect evaporators (MEEs) to warm up the liquid that will be flashed. In order to maximise the amount of recoverable heat and achieve the highest rates of evaporation from the equipment, the design liquid flow routes may in fact be rather complex.

How does Multiple Effect Evaporator (MEE) work?

A multiple-effect evaporator uses the water vapour from one effect as the heating medium for the following effect, which operates at a lower boiling point. By increasing the pressure and temperature of the vapour through thermal or mechanical compression, latent heat in the water vapour can also be recovered. However, each of these three ways for increasing efficiency has limitations that depend on the particular physical characteristics of the liquid feed being evaporated.

Features Of Multiple Effect Evaporators Systems:

  • Easy operation & automatic control
  • High performance & quality
  • Fully Customized Designed System
  • Trouble-free operation & Compact design
  • Latest technology

Advanced Features

  • Low operating expenses
  • due to salting, the capacity to self-clean
  • A maximum area for heat transmission
  • Large evaporation capacity
  • increased viscosity
  • Successful solvent recovery
  • Because of its small size, it is simple to reach.


  • Concentration of industrial effluent
  • Liquid brine concentration
  • obtaining metal salts
  • Concentration of pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical and textile effluent concentration
  • Concentration of RO reject until salts are completely dissolved in the liquid
  • dairy sector to evaporate milk
  • second line of defence
  • Concentrated tomato and fruit juice